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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  September 9, 2014 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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their suspected killer's identity -- a mystery for ny 40 years. live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. five bay area women murdered, their suspected killer's identity a mystery for nearly 40 years, but tonight his luck may have finally run out. >> andria borba on the new evidence in the so-called gypsy hill murders that may finally have cracked the case. >> reporter: we are talking about decades, three different states, but the fbi thinks they may finally have a person of interest in this case after all this time. d of a reign of terror on the peninsula january to april 1976...the was the same...women alone stra aped and one in 10.9 trillion is how specific the dna match is on a cigarette butt linking this man 76-year-old rodney halbower to the 1976 gypsy hill murders in san mateo county.
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halbower is in prison in oregon on attempted murder charges transferred there after serving a term for rape in nevada. that's when his dna was taken and a hit came up on the national database. halbower is accused of a reign of terror on the peninsula from january until april in 1976. the m.o. was the same, women alone or stranded at night raped and stabbed to death. the dna hit on the cigarette butt is out of reno for the death of michelle mitchell killed in february, 1976, in the same way in the same time period as the peninsula victims. the dna profile on the reno cigarette matches that of three of the gypsy hill murders. the dna hit also sets up potential freedom for this woman, kathy woods, who told police she killed mitchell while she was actually in a louisiana mental hospital until last year. she changed her story when the dna found near the unr student's body was revealed to belong to a man. the hunch of a bay area reno
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connection has always been there even sparking a task force earlier this year. >> we have reason to believe their deaths are linked to each other based on forensic evidence between a number of the cases, time frame of the murders and the methods used to commit these crimes. >> reporter: it's been nearly 30 years since the victims were brutally killed. tonight their cases appear closer, finally to justice. now this was all set into motion today when carroll woods was asked for a retrial -- carol woods was asked for a retrial in reno. that has forced the fbi's hand to release what they have thus far. they do not want to talk about this case, but i have learned the case will eventually be transferred to the san mateo district attorney's office for prosecution. whether that is in weeks or days, we still don't know yet.
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andria borba, kpix5. also tonight graphic video of a brutal beating finally forces the nfl to get tough. . >> i let so many people down because of 30 seconds of my life that i know i can't take back. >> betty yu on the video that may cost ray rice his playing career. it's warning now it is touch to watch. el . baltimore >> reporter: this is what caused ray rice his job, disturbing new video obtained by tmz showing him hitting his future wife inside an atlantic city hotel elevator in february. baltimore ravens coach john harbaugh terminated the running back hours after it was released online today. >> someone that you care about, when they do wrong and is faced with the consequences of doing wrong and rightfully so, it is tough. it is hurtful and in my opinion it's for both of them as a couple in going forward. my hope is that they can make it work. >> reporter: minutes after the
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ravens let him go the nfl said rice would be suspended indefinitely. commissioner roger goodell said the new video was the reason. no one in our office has seen it until today. previously the only video seen was from outside the elevator. it shows rice dragging her unconscious body and letting her fall to the floor. this got him a two-game suspension. many felt the punishment was a slap on the wrist. the league agreed and issued a tougher policy on domestic violence two weeks ago. >> i'm really happy that the nfl has taken a strong position on its policies and practices surrounding domestic violence and unfortunately it happens to many women, particularly in our society and so the public response needs to be strong. >> reporter: criticism of the judicial system has also been harsh. the 27-year-old was charged with felony aggravated assault, but in may he are abouted a
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pretrial enter he -- he entered a pretrial intervention program that allowed him to avoid jail time, so he wouldn't be prosecuted and the charge could be erased from his record after one year. in the newsroom betty yu, kpix5. >> it is up clear -- it is unclear what today's nfl action could mean for 49ers ray mcdonald who is also in the middle of a domestic violence case. he was arrested in his san jose home late last month after his pregnant fiancee showed them bruises on her neck and arms. for now he's still playing. the 49ers will wait until the investigation is completed before they make their next move. a popular bay area pilot is dead after a at catastrophic crash at the reno air races. lee behel was 64 years old and lived in san jose. he was flying solo in a qualifying heat when the accident happened this afternoon at reno state airport. behel was a 20 year veteran of the reno air races and won the event back in 2008.
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y the experiment >> one of the favorite pilots out here. everybody enjoyed him. he's very enthusiastic and a really talented pilot. so it's a hard day. >> investigators still don't know why the experimental gp5 crashed on the race course. witnesses on ground say there appeared to be some sort of mechanical failure. no one else was hurt. the same event was the scene of an even deadlier crash three years ago. a pilot and 10 spectators were killed when a small plane plummeted into the grandstand. faulty screws caused parts of the plane to fail. >> reporter: more wild weather across parts of the southwest tonight. southern nevada, it rained hard enough to rip up a freeway. tore rents of water raged down the streets of southern nevada after 4 inches of rain fell in just four hours monday. among the hardest hit areas were along interstate 15 between logandale and moapaw
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about 50 miles northeast of las vegas. >> reporter: there are hundreds of cars up and down interstate 15 just trapped. there are whole sections of highway that are completely gone and buckled. >> some people could only wash as floodwaters washed through their properties stranding motorists and horses and turning roadways into giant whirlpools. >> we are doing everything we can to get the roadway back open or find alternate routes or get them turned around. >> police evacuated dozens of homes from the indian reservation where the floods are threatening to breach a dam. several homes are reported to be damaged. monsoon rains combined with the remnants of hurricane norbert are causing problems across the southwest. arizona is under a statewide emergency and more showers are in the forecast for early tuesday. this is all the result of monsoon rains we say combined with the remnants of that hurricane. arizona is under a statewide emergency tonight. a woman in tucson died when her car was swept away in heavy
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flooding. meanwhile in southern california flash floods swept through the coachella valley shutting down roads all over the palm springs area. plenty of drivers got stuck, some just abandoning their cars. fish and wildlife workers are spending the night in the hills above cupertino to try to get a jump on the mountain lion that mauled a 6-year-old boy. >> the trackers came in this evening. they're preparing to start in again at dawn. they are going to spend the night in the field with the dogs so they're ready to go at first light. >> earlier this evening they set out traps like these baited with deer meat. it's reported they hope for better luck tomorrow than they had today. supe e warden]" t >> reporter: california state game wardens and tracking dogs worked all night and most of the morning searching for the mountain lion in the cupertino hills. they didn't find the big cat but know he's close. >> today we did get multiple strikes from the dogs, nothing really very hot, basically a lot of it just cold trailing. >> reporter: the worry is this
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mountain lion has proven to be more erratic and dangerous than most. >> the fact that it attacked a youngster and then also made an aggressive movement towards a group of not one person but nine people, that's completely rare and totally out of whack as far as the way the gears in the way a mountain lion should be thinking. >> reporter: the attack happened sunday in this trail off montebello road. the line pounced on a 6-year- old boy from behind scratching and biting him before being chased off by the boy's friends and family out hiking. the boy was treated overnight and released from valley medical center. meantime the boy's ripped up t- shirt was sent to the state animal forensic lab in sacramento to get the mountain lion's dna. it will be used to prove a match if the animal is captured or killed by wardens. >> if we can conclusively determine this is an an medical or that an an -- an animal or that an animal that we catch attacked a young child, it will
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be euthanized. >> reporter: state officials will set out five or six metal traps with raw meat inside in hopes of capturing the elusive mountain lion. ledge ramirez, kpix5. -- len ramirez, kpix5. a slithery surprise, a 7- foot long burmese python found coiled up in a car friday in the school parking lot. the snake is more than 4 inches round and weighs more than 40 pounds. investigators have no idea where the snake came from. it's now at the peninsula humane society. california's drought emergency is threatening the iconic residents of marin county horse hill. 14 horses live on the spot between tiburon and mill valley. two springs that used to run between the area have completely run dry. it's so bad their caretakers are buying water from a neighbor. meanwhile the horses are being put to work as calendar models to help raise money for a new
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water supply. these are calendars you're selling? >> we are making them available to people who give us a donation of $20 or more. >> reporter: to bring water to the horses. >> which they desperately need. >> now connecting to the municipal water supply will cost $22,000. if you'd like to help, we posted a link on our website y virus suddenly it's a sound no parent ever wants to hear. and -- t [ coughing ] >> yeah, the mystery virus suddenly making kids very sick by the hundreds, in fact, and the california connection. and mile >> ever been to china? well, your calamari probably has. why california caught squid is why california caught squid is ♪ yeah, girl ♪ you know, i've been thinking about us ♪ ♪ and, uh, i just can't fight it anymore ♪ ♪ it's bundle time ♪ bundle ♪ mm, feel those savings, baby
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mini babybel is 100% natural cheese. a good source of protein and calcium, and a whole lot of fun. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. kids suffering from an intee respiratory illness. tonight hospitals across the country are filling up with kids suffering from an intense respiratory illness. it's called enterovirus d68. it causes coughing and difficulty breathing. it spread across a dozen states so far and appears to be targeting mainly children and teens. no cases in california yet, but it has been reported as close as utah. was first ed in california i >> i was scared. i remember thinking that i was going to die. >> he was white as a ghost, lips were blue. he was completely unconscious at that point. >> so far no one has died. this particular virus was first discovered in california in 1962. until now it's been pretty
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uncommon. the cdc is trying to figure out why this outbreak is so severe. a swirling sinkhole looked more like a swimming pool in a southern california neighborhood. check out this watery mess caused by a water main rupture in encino. the pipe break caused a 20-foot section of street to completely collapse. at least two garages were damaged. untain, near los an fire torched the section of the colossus roller coaster at six flags magic mountain near l.a. within half an hour the upper section of the big drop caved in. luckily the ride was closed. it was shut down last month for a major overhaul. cooler weather is helping slow the spread of that big wildfire burning in yosemite national park. the park is still open, but some campsites are closed. so are the trails up to half dome. dozens of hikers were evacuated yesterday when that fire suddenly exploded in size. it's burned about 4 square miles in little yosemite valley, no structures have been threatened. how fresh is your food
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really? we've just learned more of most of the squid caught here in california usually travels about 20,000 mimes before it hits your plate. now there's -- about 12,000 miles before it hits your plate. now there's an action to cut down those food miles. this year's hall, 2 million pounds of squid per day and that's just the beginning of the squid's 12,000-mile journey. 70% of it is shipped off to china where some of it is cleaned, processed and frozen, then shipped back to the u.s. >> it's a very small percentage that makes its way back into the u.s. market. >> squid processors say a squid hike from the california toast coast -- california coast to china is due to china
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eats about half of the world's squid. >> we should also eat some of that product here. >> reporter: but a changing american palate is driving a new market here. using del mar's processing area, local catch monterey bay is cleaning, cutting and packaging locally stored squid for distribution to bay area consumers taking china out of the equation. >> this is really an experiment for us, an experiment for del mar to see what does the local market look like? >> about 5 tons of fresh squid is delivered weekly in california primarily to markets in l.a. and san francisco. for del mar it keeps workers on the payroll during offseason. >> this i'm pretty sure was caught right outside half moon bay, maybe in the pacifica area. >> the local catch means del mar does not have to invest in a workforce or infrastructure. >> you make significant investment, takes a lot of money. >> and some risk. fresh squid costs more and has a short shelf life.
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that means by adding thousands of food miles from california to china and back it's still cheaper than cleaning it here. >> it goes for more than just seafood. the consumer is always looking for the best price, the best deal out there. >> it costs about $1.50 more per pound to process squid locally. supporters say it's a small price to pay for fresh squid. how about a little fresh sunshine? >> we've got it right here. >> we'd love a little rain and water. >> that would be nice to import it. we'll just keep the theme going. >> they had so much rainfall in the desert southwest, big time flooding, more than they could handle. for us, we'll take 10% of it, doesn't work that way, but we'd love to. live neighborhood network showing a beautiful sunset, not that much cloud cover. i stopped that around 8:20. you can see the clouds. it will be cloudy tonight around the bay, but we'll have
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chilly temperatures again. did you get caught without a jacket this morning? 56 tonight in livermore, san jose 56, napa 53. if you are inland and away from that cloud cover, perhaps you can go outside and see this, the final supermoon of the year, also the harvest moon as a result of it being the first full moon in september, but this year because the moon has an elliptical orbit closer than normal, so we also call it a supermoon and a beautiful sight outside earlier this evening. look at this big number, 137 days. that's how long it has been since we have had a widespread rainfall in the bay area. have to go back to april 26th. we will easily add seven more days to that in the next week, not a chance of rainfall. we will have heat. morgan hill tomorrow sunny, warm, 89 degrees, 93 wednesday and likely you've been getting hotter. here's why. we have a ridge of high pressure way far away right now. here's all that tropical
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moisture still pouring in portions of nevada and arizona overnight tonight, but it's all about the ridge keeping the rainfall and tropical moisture south. as that ridge continues to build in, the onshore flow goes away, much of the morning cloud cover gone, all about sunshine, warm weather and continued dry for the next several days. what does this mean? onshore flow weakens tomorrow. temperatures climb, more sunshine, especially away from the water. mainly sunny skies for everybody, even the beach friday and saturday. san jose tomorrow still below average but milder than today, 80 the high, sunnyvale 76, pits pittsburg -- pittsburg 89. wednesday through friday mid- 90s inland, upper 70s near the bay and the weekend warm as well. we need the rainfall, not yet. hopefully it will come soon.
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fc so you can do mobile payment. you can pair it easily with your phone, probably highlight fitness and home automation and some of these other new areas apple is getting into. >> apple ceo tim cook will show off the new products at 10:00 tomorrow morning and we'll be there, of course. there is now a way to skip long security lines at giants games if you're willing to pay a little. a special fast lane opens tomorrow at at&t park. fans who register for a paid service called clear can skip the metal detectors and get right in. clear operates a similar service at airports. rivers seat of the wild i'm dennis o'donnell, why jim harbaugh's contract may never expire. never expire. >> and could the a's bullpen ,,,
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looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. in chicago.. oakland's division title hos have gone to the dogs.. eric o'flaherty was back in the closer role tonight for the a's. oakland's division title hopes have gone to the dogs. tied 3-3 in the 8th when the white sox billy burns scores giving the a's a 4-3 lead. now o'flaherty in to close it out, but tyler flowers is not going home yet. solo shot with two outs in the night, another blown save for the bullpen. we go to extra innings. it's flowers, curve ball off jesse chavez, walkoff. white sox win 5-4, nine losses in the past 11 games for the a's. here's what it means.
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their wildcard lead in the top spot is down to just 1 game over victorious seattle. forget that division title. the kpix5 refrigerator has food inside that's been around since christmas. >> that's my milk. >> that's a problem. frank gore has been around much longer, but jim harbaugh isn't ready to throw him out. >> there's no shelf life for football players. that's something i learned at an early age from my mom, pay no attention to the expiration date on that can or milk even if the bread had a little mold on it. brush it off or cut it off and eat the other part. yoffs. 4th >> fantastic. carson palmer's cardinals won 10 games last year, still didn't make the playoffs. 4th quarter trailing san diego when palmer hit the rookie brown whose first nfl touchdown is a game winner. palmer throws for 304 yards, two touchdowns, 18-17 the
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final. u.s. open men's finals. it's first time in nearly a decade that a final did not include federer, djokovic or nadal. there's the backhand winner at match point. chillens wasn't even in the field last year but today he wins straight sets. i have the monday night top five. there's the willie mays still catch. toronto's kawasaki translating we beat the cubs 8-0. we're not that excited because everyone beats the cubs. he could not translate this right here. starter marcus droman nearly gets his head taken off by the line drive and stowman shut out
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the cubs. clearly annoyed by the band on the field in tampa quickly shoves the tuba out of the way. eli manning, two interceptions deflect off his foot into the hands of deandre levy. the lions crush the giants. the magic off eli manning now and a football note, the 49ers have granted lee michael james his release. he asked for his release to get playing time with another team. he's dropping pretty far down the depth chart in the backfield. >> i don't know how you shot a picture of that refrigerator and kept your dinner, serious. >> no lie. >> that is a scary part of the >> that is a scary part of the ,,,,,,,,,,
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our next newscast is tomorr david letterman is next with bill maher. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. i will be there.
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